Soundless Mountain II


Enjoy this recommendable 'demake' of Silent Hill 2


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Soundless Mountain II is a 'demake' of Silent Hill 2 where you can relive everything from one of the most popular horror games for Playstation 2, only this time with the graphics and gameplay of a Super Nintendo title.

The game starts exactly like it does in the original, with your protagonist in a bathroom next to the highway, just about to enter Silent Hill (Soundless Mountain). The difference is that this time, instead of playing the entire story, the game will suddenly stop in the middle.

The gameplay is as simple as you might expect: the arrow keys move your character from side to side, one button lets you interact with everything in the setting and attack, another button changes objects/weapons, and a third button accesses your inventory.

Soundless Mountain II is a very slow game that will definitely dazzle fans of the Silent Hill saga. But if you don't understand all the references, it'll probably leave you out in the cold.
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